Jerry Byerman


Name: Jerry Byerman

Birthplace: Anaheim, CA

Age: 32

Children: 1 son Landon

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 200 lbs


I’m a c4-5 quadriplegic (I have zero finger movement) and I raced a Redline Revolt in the Revolt/Stadium lite class, in 2009 I raced my first season since my accident in 2004, In the first four races I finished 1st place twice and finished in 2nd place twice. In 2009 I finished 2nd place overall in the Glen Helen Short Course Series. In 2010 I finished 3rd overall at the Southern California Lucas Oil Regional Series at Glen Helen, I was the only quadriplegic driver racing against 10 different guys throughout each season. In 2011 I had some health issue's that set me back, now I'm healthy again and ready to tackle new obstacles.

My love affair with things off-road began at the age of four when I rode my first motorcycle. Playing on dirt with that first motorcycle taught me, not only many life skills, but it also give birth to a strong desire for competition, that I still have to this day.

My first race was at the age of eleven on a Honda CR80. When I was thirteen I moved to Arizona to live with my Mother and was unable to race motorcycles, so I took my need for competition and turned it toward another form of racing, BMX. I raced for the next three years, and won several races during this time, including the Arizona State championship qualifiers and a few PRO-AM races as well. Looking for new challenges I became involved in freestyle bmx.

Once I was able to race motorcycles again, I began racing in various desert races. In 2002 I moved back to California to help my father who had been injured in a motorcycle related accident. After a month, the need for competition took over yet again and led me back to Motocross. I finished second in the Saturday Night Series at Competition Park MX in San Jacinto, finished fourth in the Six-hour Race at Glen Helen, and seventh in the 12-hour race at Glen Helen. In 2004 I was seriously injured in an off-road motorcycle accident. Tragically the injuries received in this accident left me paralyzed.

It did not take long (immediately) to regain my desire to one day compete again. Amazingly enough, my Occupational Therapist (also in a wheel chair) raced a stadium lite (a motorcycle powered off-road race car). This was the answer to my desire not to be held down by my situation and to be able to compete once again. In December of 2006, I purchased a stadium lite buggy and began to practice and train my body for the challenge of racing again.

Since my accident I have met many individuals that have helped me realize that there is no reason to regret the past. I have a son, named Landon, he is the light of my life. I focus my attention on teaching him that just because his dad is in a wheelchair doesn’t mean we can’t do all the things he sees other kids and their dads doing. He goes to all my races when available and loves being part of my ‘pit-crew’, he helps me do what ever I ask, and helps me at home in the same way.

Thank you for taking the time to look over my information

Jerry Byerman

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